Maharashtra Water Project's Team Meet - A day to share, inspire and vision together.

 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Each team in Maharashtra is doing fantastic work to move towards a water abundant and drought free Maharashtra. However, sometimes we are so engrossed in our individual project that we often forget to sync together and work collectively as a team. Getting together helps share, create and implement ideas and move towards Water Projects with greater energy and efficiency.

This weekend, the Art of Living’s Maharashtra team got together at the Art of Living Headquarters in Bangalore to have a single-day conclave, called ‘Nav Tarang’ (‘New Wave). The Meet was an opportunity to collectively work and reaffirm the MH Team’s commitment to river rejuvenation efforts in Maharashtra and foster news ideas to move towards a drought-free Maharashtra.

Community leaders and workers from various parts of the state - from district Latur to Satara to Halgara reunited and shared their stories, successes and lessons from their field work.

The meet was a great platformm to share expertt insights, foster new ideas and bring about new chances to learn from each other.

More importantly, it was a chance to create strong and lasting bonds and re-imphazie important values. “The synergy the meet has created has brought a new zeal, enthusiasm and energy in the volunteers like ever before”, notes Mahadev Gomare, one of the project leaders of Maharashtra River Projects.