Our Approach

One of the main reasons for achieving such positive results has been the successful adoption of a structured strategic planning process. There are four distinct phases in this strategy, and they are as follows:

Action Plan.jpg

scientific planning

For scientific planning, we begin by performing systematic study of the thematic maps of the entire river basin for the factors like Slope, Drainage Network, Soil Texture, Land Use, Geomorphology, Lineaments, Groundwater prospects, Village boundaries, etc. using remote sensing data and satellite imagery.

In addition to these GIS based thematic maps, long term rainfall patterns are also analyzed to approximately estimate the availability of surface water for groundwater recharge. This holistic understanding of the project area enables in the identification of the suitable locations for constructing artificial recharge structures.


community engagement

After formulating an appropriate action-plan, the key challenge lies in bringing the local community on-board. Community ownership is very crucial for the long-term success and sustainability of these projects. This can be achieved by

  • Undertaking targeted campaigns to build awareness in the local community
  • Conducting extensive Capacity Building Training Programs to raise motivation levels, leadership skills and a sense of belonging amongst local communities.

funding and partnerships

The next logical step is to ensure sufficient funding for the project by formalizing partnerships with various stakeholders like Governments, Corporates, Foundations, etc. Some of our financial partners in the past three years are Govt. of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, The Hans Foundation, HAL, Robert Bosch, Cisco, Mahindra, and many others.


project management

Our institutional framework is extremely resilient and flexible. We have built adaptive grassroots teams that complement the functioning of the local governments. Further, we utilize the latest, mobile-based monitoring and evaluation technologies for effective tracking of outcomes.