Our Team



Himanshu Kalra serves as the COO of the Art of Living Projects Team. Previously, the V.P of Trading at Deutsche Bank, London, Himanshu returned back to India to live his calling to serve and commit himself to social work. 

Himanshu has spearheaded the Water Projects of the Art of Living to mission mode and previously served as the Director of Administration for Art of Living’s River Rejuvenation initiatives. His relentless attitude and commitment to serving society acts as a source of inspiration for people and Projects team as a whole, to empower India from the grassroots.

As an Art of Living Faculty for more than a decade, Himanshu teaches Art of Living Corporate Programs such as the Transformational Leadership in Business and is also the co-founder of the Startup Rekindle Program - a spiritual dive retreat for successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the making.

Himanshu did his B.Sc in Electrical Engineering. In his free, time, Himanshu enjoys reading, traveling outdoors and playing with his dog Coco.


Vimala Bellicatte serves as the Operations Lead for the Projects Team. With 17 years of experience in the development sector as a social worker, counselor, middle and senior manager, leadership and management trainer or coach, Ms. Bellicatte is dedicated to bring out the best in people inside-out so that they can effectively transform society for the better. She has worked on rural development and Socio-economic development projects in India with Government of India, State Governments, UN Agencies, SIDA and other NGOs and has successful managed more than 30 development projects successfully.

Ms. Bellicatte was the first and youngest woman to receive the " Karnataka Parisara Prashashthi”(Karnataka Environment Award)  by Government of Karnataka for her notable efforts in sustainable development.

Ms. Bellicatte's top skills include project management, resource mobilisation, integrated rural development, financial management, team building and management, laisoning and partnership building with donor, capacitating team members with various trainings and processes, project proposal writing. 

Commitment to development :

"Everything I’ve done in my 15+ year career has been related to developing people to bring out the best in themselves and others, whether as a social worker, counselor, middle and senior manager, leadership and management trainer or coach. I am passionate about what I do because I want to make a difference, For me, leaders are learners and leadership development that creates sustainable results involves helping people squeeze the most learning from their real world developmental experiences into social development."


Besides maintaining client relationships,raising capital to unleash large-scale social changeand building strategic funding partnerships that bring together innovation and smart philanthropy, Rohan the go-getter also specialises in fire fighting when things are in a crisis situations. Prior to being a key pillar of the Water Projects team, Rohan was the Director ofOperations for a 3 MW Hydro Power Projectand Manager of Strategy for Iron and Steel Foundry in India.

Rohan Jain received his MBA from Sri Sri University and B.E in Mechanical from the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

Commitment to Water Projects :

"Water crisis in India is at its peak and it is just getting worse and worse and I believe that this can be only solved when everyone - government, corporates, civil society organizations and especially the community at large gets together. And to integrate everyone together is possible in Art of Living as that is what The Art of Living has been doing all these years".


Karuna is a Program Manager for Sustainable Natural Resources Management Capaciy Building Program.

She is Founder- Chairperson of Dreams Infinite Foundation, a non-profit foundation committed to empowering bright rural Indian women through higher education.

She has a Master’s degree in Gender, Culture and Development studies from the U.K. She has worked for over fifteen years in NGO and public sector in the U.K., Singapore and India, mainly on projects focused on community empowerment, policy advocacy and gender equality.

Karuna loves to meditate and to host gatherings of loved ones. She enjoys dancing, playing with her pet dog 'Happy' and listening to romantic Bollywood songs. She also volunteers as Meditation Facilitator with the Art of Living Foundation.

Commitment to Development :

With passionate dedication, Karuna works to further any cause she believes will empower individuals and create a just society.


Prior to joining the Art of Living Projects Team, Swati worked as a Research Associate in Centers for International Projects Trust - Columbia Water Center, New Delhi. There, she led a project on Agricultural residue burning, air pollutant emission and bioenergy potential from crop residue. Swati was also engaged in developing water sustainability plan for FMCG industrial unit as lead GIS analyst. 

Swati's  expertise include hypersectral and microwave (SAR) remote sensing, geo-statistical predictive modelling in the field of agriculture. Her research interests lie in areas of remote sensing and GIS applications, soil and water resource management, crop modelling and mineral exploration.  Swati has also worked as a Research Associate in Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, Ludhiana where she was primarily involved in National Agriculture Innovation Project and contributed in developing relation between reflectance properties of soil and key soil properties in context to precision agriculture in India.

When Swati is not researching soil properties or is not observing GIS maps, she is found birdwatching, trekking and food-hopping for the most delicious delights around the city.

Swati did her M.Sc in Geoinformatics, TERI University and Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, University of Delhi.

Commitment to Development

"I feel that nothing else is more satisfying than serving the society. When I see the impact of my little contribution in their lives and smiles on their faces, that's what drives me to do more for the society".


Amit is a socio-entrepreneur who is currently working to transform and revolutionise the education system in India, and later around the world. Prior to joining the Projects Team, Amit managed his own start-up e-learning venture 'Patterns'.

Amit is an alumnus of I.I.T Chennai and did a dual degree B. Tech & M.Tech in Engineering Design. 

Commitment to Development : 

"It brings me immense joy to help people in need. The smile that comes on a person’s face when a problem has been resolved or life has become better is invaluable. In this effect, I would like to bring about innovative solutions to pressing challenges that face the country and its people. "


Nitin is our silent yet driven multi-tasker who specialises in water and agriculture projects. A core member of the team's Knowledge Center, Nithin specialises in creating project proposals, concept notes, white papers, research papers, presentations, progress reports and engages in strategic thinking for effective research, communication and project management. 

Nithin, along with Karuna, is one of the lead program managers of the Prakriti VIdya Peeth, or Art of Living's Green Colleges. In his free time, Nithin often goes cycling, practices yoga and loves to go for treks in unexplored areas around Karnataka.

Nithin did his M.Sc in Sustainability Studies from Arizona State University, U.S.A and his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras.

Commitment to Development : 

 I want to dynamically work towards holistic and sustainable development of rural India, and peacefully teach yoga to urban India.


Vineeth is the lead of monitoring and evaluation at the Projects Team.

Vineeth works with Project Directors to manage project deliverables in line with the project plan. Train Master trainers on the usage of Data Collection tools. Keep abreast of developments in grant/program changes and progress in order to advise and recommend tools and strategies to increase program performances and results.Perform regular field visits to ensure the quality of data collected by Programs and to verify the accuracy of reported data. establishing log frames, M&E work plans, and targets during the drafting donor project proposals as well as throughout project implementation Review and analyze weekly reports to identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation and to enhance quality of reporting.

Previously, Vineeth was a digital consultant and worked at Amazon before he joined the Art of Living. In his free time, Vineeth enjoys spending time with family and tech-shopping.

Commitment to Development

“I had always believed in the power of personal empowerment but never really experienced it. Working with the Art of Living Nadi Project, I experienced an postivitve transformation spiritually, emotionally and professionally - as I worked in the collaborative and dynamic workspace, for a larger purpose with highly inspired individuals. Empowering individuals and communities to have access to water in the developing world - along with a stronger voice, the ability to combat water elated illnesses, and improve the quality of life gives me the sense of purpose."


Isha is dedicated to spotlight the work and impact of the Art of Living Projects Team. She specializes in multi-channel strategic media plans and is passionate about building relationships with people and collaborating to uncover new opportunities that will make a positive impact.

Isha seeks to make best use of communication to promote international development issues, as well as to cope with different stakeholders, ranging from civil society to policy makers. She ensures the smooth execution of Water.org grassroots fundraising and advocacy communications and ensure the projects team has strong media presence across varied channels be it social media channels, website, media relations, marketing and community outreach. 

Prior to working with the projects team ,Isha worked with public relations firms such as APCO Worldwide and interned with UNDP, Ketchum and the Foeign.

Commitment to Development :

I am humbled and thrilled to spotlight the transformative work of the Art of Living. The Art of Living gives me the opportunity to combine my passion for media and digital with my desire to make a significant impact in the social development area and help citizens excersise their best potential through hoslitic living and  sustianble use of resources. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with journalists, writers, and media to help tell the stories of our co-founders, the organization, and those we serve."


Nikita has recently completed her Masters in Environment Science and Technology from Bharti Vidhyapeeth, Pune . Nikita is working on Impact assessment for our river rejuvenation projects. She wishes to enhance biodiversity, revive rivers and loves engage in green activities. She feels believe in Holistic development and feels prosperity must include all.Prior to this she was workingas Media outreach co-ordinator for promoting organic farmer`s market, Jaivik Setu. She has also worked as Test Engineer at Impetus Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd , Indore, and Mindtree Ltd, Banglore, India. 

When she is not working on finding solutions she could very well be found travelling or admiring nature in pristine and peaceful environment.

Commitment to Development : 

 I believe in holistic development and think that prosperity must include all.

Payal Bhandari

Payal is our team's dynamic go-to person for everything administration related. Payal is the strong back-end person who makes sure all of the administrative related works for our social projects are seamless and smooth.

Payal finished her B.Com from Jain University.

Commitment to Development : 

"I have always been passionate about the work people do for the country and its people and wanted to do the same. I got this opportunity In The Art of Living and it has so far been the best experience. This place makes me feel like I am a part of the social development movement which, slowly but gradually will make a great Impact for our country's development. "


Padma has 40 years of rich banking experience and previously served as the bank manager at. At the Projects Team, Padma overlooks audit and when she isn’t overseeing financial operations, Padma teaches breathing techniques and mind-training tools to adults and children through the Art of Living Happiness programs for adults and youth.

Padma has done her Bachelor in Commerce and is Chartered accountant by profession. 

Commitment to Water Projects:

To build a prosperous and sustainable agriculture sector for generations in India through collective action supported by Art of Living, Government of India and Farmers. Building social capital and the inspiration - My Master, H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - to spread smiles across the globe and in the remote villages of India through the Art of Living programs. Implementation of rural program for uplifting the society with a banking background. Improved gender relations and decision making of women. Environment - carbon credit


Ashish forms an integral part of the Project’s Finance Team. Previously, Ashish worked at a chartered firm J Gupta & Co.(Chartered firm) for 3 years. He has experience in Taxation Accountancy, and ROC Compliance of companies through Self- practice.   

  Commitment to Development :

Social Development means development of all as an individual and also as a team, this development would make us proud and enable us to give a good competition to other countries that are far ahead then India in social development, It would reduce poverty and educate each people not just through textual knowledge but also practical knowledge, they would be able to earn their living and self-respect.


Asmita is our person for all things finance related. She has a about 4 years experience in accounting and is currently a chartered accountant in the making.

Commitment to Development :

I want to work for the society so that one day the whole world can have a better society for everyone.

Amit Balasaheb Deshmukh

Amit works in the River Rejuvenation Projects around Maharashtra. Amit engages in capacity building, impact assessment and mobilising local villagers in engaging in sustainable strategies for river rejuvenation around Maharashtra. 

Amit recently completed his MSc. in Water Policy and Governance, TISS, Mumbai and BE Computer Science and Engineering, M S Bidve Engg college, Latur. Social development is the sector which gives us opportunity to serve each and every citizen. All the causes which are responsible for degrading life on earth can be solved through social development.

Commitment to Development :

Working in social development gives me opportunity to serve community and to enhance well-being and quality of life of individuals. The thought of my work impacting society makes me more passionate to work more in social development sector.


Gauri is our to-go person to do with everything technology driven. Gauri was previously working as a business analyst and bring  8.5 years of experience in the software and technology industry.

Commitment to Development : 

We as humans are responsible to better society and progress institutional systems collectively.

As an individual, I would like to Art of Living, an organisation that contributes and supports those who are making it possible to place the right systems the right way, which will have good impact on overall collective consciousness.