River Rejuvenation Projects

Here's a glimpse of all the major River Rejuvenation Projects across the nation.

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vedavathi river rejuvenation

Building on the true spirit of instigating bottom-up democratic change and community partnership, this INR 150 crore project has been undertaken under the ambit of MGNREGA scheme.

The success of the project prompted a visit by the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India. The Government is now regularly monitoring the project to learn, and initiate similar projects across the country to revive many of the dying rivers.


kumudavathi river rejuvenation

This project aims to reduce Bangalore city’s water dependence on River Cauvery, addressing the impending water crisis which very recently lead the city descend into violence and chaos.

The spirit of volunteerism has been the hallmark of this project with a total of 2,700 volunteers engaged (including Corporate Employee Engagement). Over the last three years, 12 crores of funds have been mobilized under Corporate Social Responsibility benefiting 70,000 people directly.


Manjara River Rejuvenation

A unique example in community ownership where humble citizens of Latur responded to the acute water shortage in the city, by contributing 5.25 crores from their household savings. In the first phase of the project, a 14 KM stretch of the Manjara River was de-silted, in a span of merely 5 months, to mitigate the immediate water crisis.

The Art of Living is working with the State Government, District Administration, and the Hans Foundation to scale up the project to cover the entire basin of the Manjara River.


PALAR river rejuvenation

An ambitious inter state River Rejuvenation project, which when completed will not only bring back water to the parched districts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu but will also create a model in interstate River management. 348 Sq KM of Chikballapur District has already been treated under the project, and the interventions are now being carried on in Kolar district of Karnataka and Vellore district of Tamil Nadu.